We are dedicated to providing the best QUALITY to ensure that customers are served only the BEST and FRESHEST nut.

In 1975, Mr Tan Swee Chip was accompanied his friends to Japan for visit the Machine Exhibition. By chance, he met one of the local famous manufacturer, named KATO and was fortunate to have the boss personally taught him practice of nut.

Moreover, the KATO's boss was appreciated Mr Tan Swee Chip passion and sincerity though for doing nut, he was decided to authorized him to use his KATO trademark.

Later, Mr Tan Swee Chip bring back the spirit of KATO and improving the taste of  nut. Besides, we have also been developing our own variety speical flavors. Not only the original flavor, we are also try to soak up a little of the local flavor, such us peanut butter, wasabi and seaweed.


Quality Products

The raw materials used by MR MAMEGASHI are come from Japan.We regularly evaluate our materials place of origin and strictly monitor their every single work. Of course, in our manufacturing plant we are also strengthens the food safety management,carry our inspection in oder to providing SAFE and QUALITY nut.

We can guarantee the quality and product safety of our own labels.

No burden on health

We refuse to use too much of artificial flavoring and preservatives to provide the highest quality fresh nut to our customers. We are made a low sugar and low sodium version of nuts so we can enjoy all of these nuts in a healthier way.


Variety Flavors

We offer a wide range of flavors and experiences. In oder to let our customer to enjoy more delicious nut, we are not only providing the Japanese flavor, but also soak up a little of the local flavor, such us peanut butter, wasabi and seaweed.

100% Certified Vege Ginger Tea

Now,we are introducing our new product, which is 100% certified vege ginger tea. You are not only enjoying the crisp nut, but also can drinks with our ginger tea with rich spicy and stimulating organic ginger herbal tea to support health especially the digestive system.


Best Exquisite Packaging

We are not only improving the taste of nuts, Mr Mamegashi also strives to satisfy customers in vusually. All the nuts will be wrapped and packaged with greatest care and outlook. We assure you that it's will be the BEST companion gift ever!

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